Remake My Quilt


We transform your worn out quilt into a re-imagined heirloom, a priceless piece for the next generation.​

$15/ hour rate


Sections of your beloved quilt are carefully deconstructed and re-assembled into the new piece(s).   All salvagable portions will be used.  

There are many items your quilt can be transformed into, depending on the size of the quilt and the desired use/recipients.  

Some items may include pillows, wall hangings, ornaments, and more. 

The Process

To start the process, you’ll request a quote or book your quilt, and you can attach a few clear pictures of the quilt in its current state.  I’ll communicate back to you if it looks like something that can be repaired, remade, or finished, and offer some option for you to choose from.  Once we have a plan for your quilt, I’ll provide you an estimate and detailed shipping instructions. 

When your quilt arrives at the studio, detailed pictures are taken and the story of the quilt will be documented. This is yours to keep and there is no charge for this service. 

When additional material is required, I will contact you to approve as needed before making any purchase.  I’ll use fabrics that are similar in color, style, and feel as the original to create a seamless look and to honor the original maker’s aesthetic. 

There is a $75 deposit due before work can begin.  Labor is $15 per hour (the deposit is credited to the first 5 hours of labor.)  I will send you a detailed invoice upon completion and am happy to provide updates and progress reports along the project upon request. 


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