Level 2 – Special Handguided Quilting Service



Highlight the quilt top with special placement of 2-3 complimentary quilting designs throughout your quilt top. Borders, Sashings and Secondary designs are combined to elevate your quilt to the next level.  

Handguided designs are created manually,  without the aid of a computer. Often referred to as “custom”, “free motion” or “FMQ”, this style of quilting is loved by quilters who want their project to have that ‘human’ touch.  

Level 2 - Special

Borders & Sashing
$ 0.022 / square Inch
  • Design Consultation
  • 2-3 Designs placed (blocks + sashing)
  • 1 color Thread included
  • Hand buried Starts + Stops
  • Optional Trim Service


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