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I am so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with talented makers from across the country. When quilters choose PAQ, they are getting quilting services that are custom tailored to their style, budget, and creative vision!


My mission is to provide quilting and longarm services to fellow quilters who need help turning their works-in-progress quit tops into to finished, huggable quilted heirlooms.

Before I became a long-arm quilter, I felt the frustration of having the pile of tops that “just needed quilting” but not having the time, energy, or desire to wrangle that queen sized fabric beast through my domestic machine.

Then one day, at the suggestion of a friend, I brought a quilt top to a local longarmer.   I was terrified that I was trusting my quilt top (which was irreplaceable) to a complete stranger.  When I picked up my quilt, I was blown away! Even though it was a ‘simple’ edge to edge design, it brought the quilt to life and far surpassed what I could have managed on my small sewing machine.  I kicked myself for waiting so long to ask for help. 

After a while, I wanted more creative freedom, so I began renting time on a longarm quilting machine. In just 4 months of renting I had busted through my own pile of tops, and was eager to start quilting for others. However, I was limited to local shops hours,and squeezing time in around other renters.  I hated turning people away. I could only take a few customers here and there, but I could feel my passion growing.

Other quilters should feel the satisfaction of finally having a QUILTED quilt!

After a lot of test driving, scouting, and research I invested in my own longarm machine (an Innova 26” machine on a 12’ frame). I realized then what an amazing opportunity I had to help more quilters.  

I’ve taken dozens of classes, workshops, and courses to expand my toolbox and bag of tricks, to bring out the very best in each quilt top.

Then, very abruptly we had to move cross country and set up my studio in a new space. I had to tear down, reassemble, and re-calibrate my machine from the floor up, not satisfied until I reached consistent and exceptional stitch quality.  Why push so hard for the perfect stitch?

Before a quilt top comes to me, so much time and energy has already been invested in its design and construction. Sometimes the person who pieced it is gone, but a family member wants to see the project finished.  

Quilters are unique in that their ‘products’ are both utilitarian and artistic. 

Their work provides warmth + physical comfort. They are also embedded with personal + creative connection. Each piece of the quilt making process is a reflection of the maker. Every quilt and its maker is deserving of love and respect!

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching the pride and joy that crosses a quilter’s face when he or she shares their most recent finished project.  I look forward to connecting with you!